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i hate confrontations so don't stare

Jul. 10th, 2005 12:45 am fuck all on TV


nuthin on not even sex and the city to keep me alight. and all i keep on finkin is father and london. 

well after the 7/7 attacks me and sis decided to go we were indeed lucky. well wen we heard aboot the attacks and the fact it was to do with a bus and the fact that are father supervises and runs the buses that he sumtimes goes on the buses to inspect for well suspicious items. we near shat our selves in tears of shock that mayb dads 'card was called' and he was on that bus number 30. We tried to ring him but no reply and rang his mother and his work station all z he was no were 2 b seen we spent an agonisin 2 hours in the dark.  but thankfully he was ok well i never spoken to him even now but i quote from sister he was as 'safe as houses' never in my fookin life heard that saying.

the flights are now at a £120 price and still rising as we speak. but  need to speak over with mon pere but he is at russel sqaure theses past nights helpin the police so stuck in a dilemma to buy or not to buy that is the questtion and i cant even afford it i have been skint since 4th june

ah might as well go to bed and get an early nights sleep and mayb 2moro get up in the AM!! well must go Dan Brown and his conspiracy theories await me

P.S 1 week till DIRTY SANCHEZ (the show incase if u dirrty buggers are thinkin the other dirty sanchez NB pun intended)

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: gentle hum of the computer

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Jul. 6th, 2005 06:42 pm long time no bloggin - ah love little punintendeds

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH its the summer smack my holmy up my sista!!

Though it is the summer i look back in the past year and HOLY FUCK never in my life have i met a bigger twat - me YAY!! i was/ am (hope fuckin not) In 4th year never have i seen such a twat but never the less wat is done is done and cant b reversed.  In a span of 10 months-

  • fell out with a best friend out a nuthin
  • became jealous of a girl sheer jealousy and bitchayness
  • made up with lilian
  • a Sheena the nicest girl yet violent in a funny way fell out with me for i moaned (tru) and lied (false- hand on heart) witch was brought on by misunderstandin and well nearly brought down my whole happiness st8 of mind- not that i did not deserve it.
  • then came the silences in the group brought on by me due to the fallin out and sheer jealousy (-if u have ever wondered why on earth envy is a deadly sin now u know)
  • then on a fateful snowy day no one was in and sat beside 4 eccentric peeps-Sharlene Rabyn Nikki and Rachel. then on the next day sat beside them hence the eneding of my friendships of the most genuine, nicest, funniest, quirkiest people ever (yes i am sayin this in the know of wot they say aboot me but i deserve it like the fuckin insert a witty analogy to illustrate my deservance of it ) and everey tym i went  into that god4saken class room in the mornin that is how i paid for it
  • but like i z i deserved it sucj a drama queen even now i am being a fukin drama queen i think i belong the BIG BRUTHA HOUSE (love that show)

But on the brightside i love robyn and sharlene and that biatch rache and it 56 more days of sleepin into 1 DONT JUDGE ME!!!!!!

i feel aso much better now i am now humble but my mood instantaniously dampened now bcos mariah carey is singin about soulmates or summit and like the effort of gettin the remote

Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: Mariah Carey we belong together

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Mar. 12th, 2005 09:58 pm hospitaol duties and whatnot

yup went a la hopital

oh yus the green phlegm was a dead give away for wot i thought it was and now am on energy killer beater blocker like antibiotic

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Mar. 10th, 2005 06:50 pm

oh help me lord sumone please please please shoot me

i am ill as a dog aww screw the witty metaphor i am ill simple as i cant even type without messin it up. I am one symptom away from definatly bein diagnosed with Pneumounia (i am bein serious not bein a hypocondriac)witch thankfully that synptom is green/rusty phlegm but this means wen i cough up the wonders that is phlegm mum has to look at it oh yes people are lookin at my spit. i aint gonna b in tomoro.

Current Mood: crankycranky
Current Music: Sweety the chick -u c this is y i am not a vegeterian

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Mar. 9th, 2005 08:11 pm

Well again off tomoro it does suk indeed considerin the hell madame gildae will now give me among all the catchin up to do includin 4 tests

but on the brightside one more day with Dr Phil I LOVE THIS DUDE!!! today he was talkin to for some strange reason instead of the middle american yokals he usually talks to he talked to Samuel L Jackson god he is soo much better than Trisha and Oprah put to gether with his monk like hair cut

watched Gonzo last night puretty funny mmm i winder y- Dainton and Pritchard were hostin it they did an ok job i mght have to say. yup i reaallly cant wait to go back to skool my life is puretty in the dumps wen my high light of the day is 2 welsh dudes on TV.

well gtg got to haugh up green spit mum is unbelievablky worried about me and is too scared to take me to the Drs

Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: nothin but my rythymatical coughin

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Mar. 9th, 2005 12:16 am cough+cough+phelgm=the brink of suicide

I am mighty bored and mighty tired but must - watch - sex - and - the - city. Its the series i have never seen jesus my life is puretty S.A.D. wen it revolves around wart face whore find deeper meanin to life while sleepin with mr big and curing aids.

But thats what u get wen u have been off for a full week with the worse chest infection ever. i dont even thik its that ma thinks it could b pneumonia and i dont disagree wit her. And see this fukin cough its not on its like the cough that lasts for 18 minutes solid with gaspin for air and this has gone on 5 days str8 i swear if i was thin i would now have a friggin 10 pack becos of the crunches and i have a sky high temp which leaves me tyin my hair back with a scarf to keep my forehead cool. its not a good thing becos i cant work.

For the past 5 days i have been in the same pyjamas and have done the same thing all day- lie down on the sofa with my creme egg stained blanket watchin Dr Phil (love that man)yeah this is the fist tym in the past 5 days not on the sofa and not havin a blanket wrapped around me.

I have been so bored i have been workin out anagrams and heres a good un - Axl Rose flip the words around u get Oral Sex augh god bless the ginger bastard. But i though 'god i am brilliant' thinkin that i knew it b4 n e 1 else then i watched guns 'n' roses A-Z and guess wot O was - Oral Sex yeah that wa a blow for me (ahh little unintended pun)

well gtg becos Sex and the City is almost on and hu knows wot the little whores get up to this episode- plus the sky has fuked up and is on kiss and will refuse to turn over

Current Mood: soresore- well u cough 120hrs str8
Current Music: Eamon- fuck u u ho i dont want u back-dont ask y

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Mar. 1st, 2005 12:23 am


I have just finished watchin the most disturbin programme ever even worse than the fattys and the feeders- i dont wanto go into details about that programme.

But this one was worse the fukin whole ringleader of the most disurbin inhumane programme i have seen. It was about the detainees of the 'patriot fukin act'of the west world which now stands for liberty- Guantanimo Bay. Fukin hell wot they do to those poor S.O.Bs even though they may be terrorists but NO-ONE i mean NO ONE deserves that and this is comin from me hu thinks u should be shot if u steal. I dont want to b goin into details bcos BIG BROTHER(the US government) myt think i would b a terrorist muslim (bcos every Muslim is...) plus i have just got over the initial shock

but no wots funni in a sick Leatherface sort a way is the fact its becos they are holdin the perpetrators of freedom, liberty and most of all the morals of christianity...(asnother reason why i believ/know there is no god/religion) If Jesus was real he would b turnin on jhis fukin crucifix.

Current Mood: distresseddistressed

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Feb. 27th, 2005 09:43 pm

i have been talkin to Nat rite now and a wonderous thing is my name so many anagrams.

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Feb. 27th, 2005 09:11 pm


do u remember the time wen MSN was young free nu and a pointless way to ramble on about carefree to ur onli 3 buddies?  Aww i miss it so much for now its more suicidal oh how it went downhill in October. 

As i look down my buddi names 75% are plain suicidal and 1 i mite add is quite the satan worshipper (jokin i dont hang about with satanists onli homos hobos and whores) but still beets threatenin sumone to die.  My the indie music makes u quite the suicidal one- for example- i never was as depressed by listenin to ol' hag Britney Spears

ah well wot can u do i just miss it. but it is gettin there i am onli talkin to ppl hu aint got pain, die, cry, leave me alone in there names its gettin there

Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: the di di di from the msn messenger popper upper thing

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Feb. 26th, 2005 08:36 pm and a bit of ding dang doo

Hello my fellow bootilicious friends

went into belfast today - god i love it.  went past the Northern Bank (26million heist) there was french ppl takin pictures of it (well i did as well on my phone and a bit more inconspicuous than the french nimrods) which surprised me NORTHERN IRELAND GETS TOURISTS!!!!!!!!! I am soo proud of the robbery WE'RE NUMBER ONE.  If there has to be the biggest recorded robbery like oceans 12/11 it has to be Northern Ireland

Got Nats bday pressy and stuff for me- a gypsie necklace oh sorry to b politically correct travellers necklace and a pen oh i know how to treat myself.

wot else the babysittin is off bcos Mark has an 'ear infection' so they say i thik they realised they love their house too much to let me in.  but next week is on thank god becos it is hell season now becos heres all the ppl i have to buy for this month-

  • Nat- bought 2nd March
  • Mother-Mothers day
  • Mother- April 1st
  • Caroline- April 13th
  • Danielle- April 28th
  • Lily-April 30th

Thats why i love may.

I am now customising a haggard tweed jacket that i got for £3 and turnin oit into summit shockin with my tapestry skils like addin wee roses i bought wen i was waitin for ma outside the optometrists for 1/2hour in a craft shop opposite Sam Baird i have passed the trial for  contacts yay

Luv u and leave u my fellow bootylicious friends


Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: Human League

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